About Us

We’re a company that builds speakers. There are a lot of companies that do that right? So what makes us different?

For starters, the enclosures are designed from the ground up around premium Eminence and Faital drivers. Well aren’t they all done that way? Sadly no. That part isn’t so typical. Our cabinets are also engineered to be as lightweight as possible without sacrificing an ounce of performance. In fact, every detail has been so obsessed over by our designer, Dave “greenboy” Green, that he’s now secluded himself in a remote mountain cabin and refuses to come down. OK, not really. He does come down occasionally. But he really did obsess so we could deliver the best sounding speaker cabinet you could own. (In our not so humble opinions)

And on the subject of us, we are the combined efforts of three companies. You may recognize our former selves – BNA Audio (Nashville TN), Barry Audio Design (Sterling MA) and JHawk Customs (Mesa AZ)

You see, after collaborating behind the scenes for the better part of a year it dawned on us (ding) Hey! Why not join forces officially? What a great idea! So here we are. Did you notice the locations? We have the Eastern, Central and Western USA covered.

To say we are dedicated to building you the absolute finest cabinets available should be obvious. But we’ll be cliche’ and say it anyway – the sound will speak for itself. The custom visual appeal is just a result of our passion. We’re musicians first, which is why we do this.