Welcome to Greenboy Audio

We are builders of high performance speaker enclosures for the music industry. While our cabinets are primarily used by bassists, they work extremely well for any musical instrument as well as for PA support.

So if you’re in the market for exceptional sound, make yourselves at home. Hey! Shoes off please. This place is brand new after all. Do have a look around. Better yet, let’s see if we can hook you up with a demo. After all, the proof is in the hearing, or in this case, the feeling!

Checkout the Cabs page and you’ll see we have one of the most extensive lineups in the industry. What? Don’t see a 410 listed? We don’t need no stinking 410’s. That would be the old way, and what would be the point in repeating history?

Ready for sonic evolution? Now we’re talking! We absolutely believe you can’t find better.

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